Our Mission :

• The SRG.Ed’s mission is to prepare and support pupil’s prospective teachers and private educational institutions at all levels and in the educational units of other organizations.
• The academic programs of SRGI are guided by the conceptual framework and are organized around three specific academic components: Foundational Knowledge, Professional Knowledge and Teaching Learning.
• Foundational Knowledge includes the basic tenets and principles upon which a field of study is based. The foundation courses are seen as developmental courses which are essential for harmonious development of prospective and psychology teachers.

The goals of SRGI are :

• To develop the teaching skills ethical lines through rigorous standards, certification and continuing education.
• To develop, nurture and maintain close inter-institutional relationship with other institutions interested in a similar effort from India and abroad.
• To inculcate techniques for development of creativity in a classroom situation.
• To describe various Theories of Learning and apply them in promoting Teaching & skills.

Vision :

To prepare our prospective teachers to meet the challenges of life and to reap the benefits of the 21st Century, we need a new cadre of competent and devoted College teachers, who can act as powerful change-agents. They should be passionate teachers endowed with a sense of curiosity to learn, deep interest to teach and affection for young generation.