Psychology Lab :

   1 Teacher effectiveness scale (teacher form) Prof. D.N.Muthu
   2 TCW Dr. Baqer Mehdi
   3 Teacher value inventory Dr.Shamim karim
  4 Creativity  test Dr.Narender Singh Chauhan
   5 Frustration  test Dr. N. S.Chauhan & Dr. Govind Tiwari
   6 Introversion/extroversion test Dr. R.A. Singh
   7 General mental ability test S. S. Jalota
   8 Eysenck’s   personality test Dr.Jalota & Dr. Leapoor
   9 Reasoning ability test Dr. Sadhna Bhatnagar
  10 Rao achievement  motivation Dr. D. Gopal Rao
  11 Clinical case study form Santosh. k. Dixit
  12 Bell adjustment inventory Dr. R.K. Ojha
  13 Teaching aptitude test Dr. R. P. Singh & Dr. S.N. Sharma
  14 Attitude scale N.S. Chauhan & Saroj Arora
  15 Problem solving ability test Dr. Roop Rekha Garg
  16 Manifest anxiety scale Dr. D.N. Srivastava & Govind Tiwari
  17 Battery of perfomanance test of intelligence Dr. C.M. Bhatia
  18 Vocational interest record S.P. kulshershta